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hi my name's Ginia. i'm 17. i live in NH.
i love to talk so don't be afraid and send me messages :3
& Auderien and Diana are my bestfriends.

Me, Auderien, and Virginiaaa on our way to Fort Foster

top 9 favorite pictures - SNSD Seohyun
— So far this summer…


I’m in this program called Upward Bound (UB) and it was the most amazing experience ever. Its at UNH and we stay there for six weeks. Schools from the Seacoast and Manchester area are eligible to participate in the program. You go there to get ready for the school year.

At that program I became so much closer with the people that go to my school. Vanessa (theycallmenesss check out her blog you guys!) and Diana have become so much closer with me, I can truly call them my best friends. I don’t really have “best friends” besides for Auderien (threetenfour incase any of you all are intrested in jpop, especially Arashi) since we’re really close but because of those six weeks, I can call them that. Love you guys ♥

Then recently, I hung out with Diana (dlo- go follow her :D) and Destinee (check her tumblr, dracosredemption for all you Potter fans!) and it was like old times with me & Destinee. She’s such an amazing friend and I miss how close we were but when we hung out that day, it was right where we picked up.

This summer really consisted of reconnecting and meeting new people and I can say that the summer of 2011 has been the best summer so far ♥